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A Vow Renewal at The Orlo in Tampa

Alyssa and Zander were officially married on July 11, 2020 but chose to postpone their reception until July 2021 because of the pandemic. While not ideal, I have to say this made for one of the most relaxed events we have had. With all the typical wedding jitters out of the way, everyone just had fun.

My favorite thing about this day was the couple actually got to spend most of it together. We didn't have to worry about hiding the bride away from the groom or guests. Alyssa and Alexander took all of their photos before their vow renewal so they could enjoy chatting with their guests during the cocktail hour. Most often couples never even see the cocktail hour.

Their vow renewal ceremony included all of the traditional elements. Bridesmaids and groomsmen, a ceremony, first dances and cake cutting. One thing that was not traditional was Zander escorted is wife and bride to the altar. To me that was so meaningful. It was a tough decision they had to make in 2020 to postpone their reception an entire year and that year was difficult for everyone in many ways. Zander walking Alyssa to the alter just felt like look at us. Here we are together getting through this.

We are so happy we got to see them through to the finish line and wish them years of happiness! Congratulations Alyssa and Zander!



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