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A Wedding For Dad

We were getting close to Sarah and Stephen's scheduled wedding date of 12/30/2021 at the JC Newman Cigar Co. when they received some unfortunate news regarding her dad's health. He had been so excited about the upcoming wedding and really wanted to be a part of it so Sarah asked me to postpone the December date to some time in 2022 and to put together an intimate wedding at her parents' home in just over a week.

I reached out to each vendor and explained the situation. Every single one was gracious and accomodating regarding their deposits and moving the date to some time in 2022 to be determined. Without hesitation they were all ready and willing to jump in and help us make

a new plan for a beautiful backyard wedding. With the family already dealing with so much Sarah's good friend Karen stepped in and worked with us on making most of the necessary decisions.

The wedding day could not have been more beautiful. The ceremony was held in the backyard surrounded by lush tropical landscape under an arch draped in fabric and white roses. Fun confetti paper cups were placed on acrylic ghoast chairs for guests to toss after the I do's. Cocktail hour took place around the pool while Spunky Spiritz served cocktails and Winter Formal performed favorite tunes. Dinner was served by Olympia Catering in the sunroom on tables set in classic white and gold. I listened as the parents gave very moving speaches and memories were shared by everyone. The wedding cake was from Wright's Deli. Have you ever seen the size of a Wright's cake? This group killed almost two!

Following dinner everyone moved poolside for dancing the night away. Now this was September in Florida so can you imagine where they all ended up at the end of the night fully dressed in their wedding attire? It was such an honor for me to be present during this very, very special, intimate evening with Sarah, Stephen and their families. It will be a wedding that stays with me forever. Special thanks to Spunky Spirits, A Chair Affair, 2 Birds Events, Olympia Catering, Winter Formal, Noble Photo Co. and Karen Baker for helping us pull it all together.



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