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Bigger Isn't Always Better

I'm the first to say the more the merrier but when it comes to weddings, there are some definite positives in opting for a smaller guest list and in today's economy that's even more true. Here are some things to think about when you are trying to determine the size of your wedding:

1. First and foremost there's the obvious costs savings of having a smaller wedding. The bigger the wedding the more money you need or the further you have to stretch your budget unless you are lucky with unlimited funds.

2. Stretching the budget typically means sacrificing some of the nonessential details like decor that can really elevate your wedding. So long dream venue, bye bye vintage glassware or adios trendy lounge.

3. Worse than having to give up on wedding decor is sacrificing on the quality of items such as the menu or bar to stretch your catering budget further. Food and beverage will take up the bulk of your budget so if you don't have enough to go around, you may have to opt for something more budget friendly. Here's a little pearl of wisdom, quality over quantity always.

4. It's so sad to hear couples say they didn't know half of the people at their wedding. If you are planning a large wedding, you will have a difficult time spending quality time with all of your guests - some you may not even have the opportunity to speak with. Alternatively, get ready to spend a lot of time visiting tables while your friends are partying on the dance floor.

We are focused on helping our clients reach a balance between the guest list and a realistic budget that doesn't require a lot of sacrifice. This is the recipe for a intimate evening with the most special people in your lives in the most beautiful environment for your wedding day.

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