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Sarah and Trevor's Journey to the Alter

Sara and Trevor contracted with us in September 2020 for their 2021 wedding. Sarah was worried about the stress of managing all of the decisions and ending up with a cohesive design so she chose our Full Planning Package. After researching and visiting a few venues on her own, her first choice was Armature Works in Tampa. The industrial romance appeals to her as well having both the ceremony and reception in one place but Trevor really wants the ceremony outside so the search for a venue continues. Together we visited White Rock Canyon, a brand new facility opening in Spring of 2021 and they loved it. This is where the the tough budget discussion comes in. We have provided them with and itemized budget so they can see how much they have allotted in every category. Based on the budget, we suggested they look at a few other venues we provided. This is their first decision point. Splurge on a venue and cut back in other areas, increase the budget or keep looking for a venue that is within budget. Stay tuned to see what they decide.

We have a venue and a date! Sarah and Trevor chose to increase their budget and have their wedding at White Rock Canyon on December 4, 2021. Trevor gets his outdoor wedding and Sarah gets her industrial romance vibe. We couldn't be happier with their decision and can't wait to start designing their wedding. Next decision point will be choosing from the vendor options provided by WRC.

11/19/20 Contract signed and vendors including caterer, florist, photographer, DJ and bar tenders booked!


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