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Tampa Beach Proposal

Indervir contacted me through Instagram to assist in planning a surprise proposal for Aman. They would be traveling to Tampa from New York and he wanted to have a beach picnic setting with some privacy around 5:00 PM.

I went directly to Cypress Point Beach and scoped it out on a Friday at 5:00 PM to get a feel for the privacy level. I took lots of photos so he could approve the location and provided a google map to familiarize himself with the location as well as directions. Not knowing exactly how the day would go, I labeled 5 potential locations on the map. Our plan was once I arrived on the day I would text him which location I was able to secure. We got lucky and got location #1 which I thought was the best one.

I arrived early and got the picnic set up complete with layers of rugs, blankets, pillows,

flowers, candles, and an ice bucket with chilled champagne. I partnered with to provide the couple with lasting memories. Indevir did an awesome job with his emotional proposal. He had Aman dress in yellow her favorite color and he matched her with a yellow shirt. The color was beautiful on the beach at sunset.

After she said YES and they enjoyed some private time and their bottle of bubbly, Aman had another surprise waiting for her. Family flew in from New York and secured an Air B&B for the week to vacation and celebrate. From the beach I quickly sent one of Aman's relatives some photos I took to add to a slide show of the two over the course of their romance.

It is truly a joy to meet people from all over the country from all different backgrounds who all share love in common. It was an honor to have been present at this very intimate and special moment for Indervir and Aman and I wish the very best to them on their future!

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