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Why We're Worth It

As a wedding planner, I find the most difficult part of my job is educating couples and/or their parents on the real costs of weddings. Statistically, most engaged couples do some research on the average cost of a wedding and talk to friends and family about what they spent or what they think a wedding costs and form their opinions based on that information without really drilling down into what they are reading or hearing.

For example, if you search Google, you may find information stating the average wedding in Tampa, Florida costs about $30,000. That very well could be true but do you have an understanding of what "average" means? Is it consistent with your expectations for your wedding vision? You will not get a wedding off of the pages of Pinterest for $30,000. An "average" wedding can still be beautiful just understand what that means and it typically does not mean:

1. More than approximately 100 guests

2. Custom linens

3. Custom glassware, flatware, chargers, china

4. Lush floral arrangements

5. Rental furniture

6. Custom invitations or paper goods

7. Higher end wedding gown

8. Elaborate wedding cake or dessert tables

9. Higher end menu

10. After parties

11. Favors

12. Photos booths, cigar rollers, painters

13. Rehearsal dinner

That's why I always discuss first your expectations and compare that to your budget. I provide an itemized list of every aspect of a wedding and the budget for each category. Once we have established the budget and set expectations, we can begin planning.

The average engagement is about twelve months and the average wedding includes about fifteen different vendors and a gazillion tiny details. I am working for you from the moment you contract with EventFull Weddings until you leave your reception. That's why I charge what I do and why I'm confident my services are essential to your overall sanity, budget and experience. The value I offer is not necessarily in getting you vendor discounts although that can happen, but how I can help you make the most of your budget and save you from making expensive mistakes.

My planning packages include unlimited consultations and meetings with you and/or your vendors which at a minimum is an initial and final meeting with each. That's a lot of of meetings! In addition to meeting with venders, we are preparing and adjusting budgets, to do lists, timelines, making site visits, ordering decor items, invitations, assisting with seating charts and floor plans, color palettes and fashion the list goes on including having two coordinators with you the entire day of the wedding. You can learn more about the difference of a vendor coordinator and wedding coordinator on our blog.

Contact us and let's discuss further how EventFull Weddings can help you keep your sanity, stay within budget and have a fabulous wedding.


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