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Why you need a planner

I often hear from couples that they don't need a planner because their venue has one or they can't afford one. First, let's discuss "our venue has a planner." Most likely what your venue has is venue coordinator. That's entirely different than a wedding planner and designer. Venue coordinators are focused on executing the event from the venue's perspective. For example, if they are providing the dining tables and catering, the coordinator would insure the correct number of tables are set up according to the floor plan and work with the catering manager to insure the appetizers and dinner are served on time. They are not responsible for organizing the numerous vendors that contribute to a wedding, the logistics of the wedding day or setting out decor items. There are so many moving parts to the wedding day it's like directing a play. Do you want to be worrying about that or sipping mimosas and enjoying your friends and family? We will prepare for you and the vendors a timeline to the minute for every detail of the day and insure it's followed so you can sit back and relax knowing it's being taken care of.

Let's talk about wedding designers and planners. Actually, let's talk specifically about EventFull Weddings. From the moment you contract with us we are there to guide you on every decision regardless how small. We look at the wedding as a whole not each individual decision separately so that you end up with a cohesive professional design that will wow your guests. We know how to make the most of your budget and which vendors to use to fit your budget. That's where the money savings comes in.

We worked with a couple that contracted their venue and caterer before contacting us. They chose a blank canvas venue in St. Pete Beach, Florida thinking it would be cheaper to bring in everything themselves. They quickly learned to get the space looking the way they wanted, it was going to cost them more than anticipated. They hired a caterer on referral from a friend. At their tasting just weeks before the wedding, they were disappointed, lost their deposit and switched to a caterer we referred them to. In both cases, we could have helped them make better decisions, saved them money and definitely saved a lot of stress. Let's not forget the value of your time. You can spend hours researching caterers just to pick out the three or four you would like to interview and schedule tastings with before choosing one. Now think about that process for the average 15 vendors that contribute to a wedding. Or, we can hand you a list of vendors that have been vetted and fit your budget, schedule your appointments and maybe even get you a discount.

So, if you don't want to feel like this throughout your engagement and on your wedding day.

Contact EventFull Weddings to schedule your initial consultation.



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