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Designer vs. Planner And Why You Need Both

Not all wedding planners are designers and not all designers are planners. Before you set out to book either, you should understand the differences. Here we'll break down those differences so you can make sure to hire the right vendors.

Whether you think you know exactly what you want or you have no idea where to start, you need a designer. The designer will help choose a theme and keep all of the elements consistent. This includes choosing the best color pallet, font, fabrics, florals, decor, and even musicians and menu items. The end result is a cohesive and flawless design you and your guests will remember forever. A designer's responsibilities typically end there. They do not hire vendors or coordinate your wedding day. They are specifically focused on the aesthetics.

Your planner will be with you from start to finish and is less focused on the aesthetic elements. Your planner will source the right vendors for you and manage the logistics of your wedding day from vendor load in to the wedding party's timeline. Typically he or she will be present on your wedding day to execute the event.

At EventFull Weddings, you have the benefit of both design and planning. This eleminates the need for more vendors and makes the wedding planning process easier. We want your wedding day to transport you and your guests to another dimension from the moment you arrive. We thoughtfully consider all the senses in our design process. The texture of fabrics, the sound of the music playing in the air, the scent of the florals, the taste of selected menu and the visually pleasing overall aesthetics of all the tiny details.



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