A Passion for Planning 

We have always loved planning, decorating and entertaining. The idea of one day starting my own event planning business had been long in the making and then in 2016 my daughter Shelby got engaged to a terrific guy named Kory. Their engagement presented the perfect opportunity to launch EventFull Weddings. We had the time of our lives over the next twelve months planning their wedding at the Oxford Exchange in Tampa. We strive to bring bring that same level of fun, excitement and attention to detail to you. Since 2016 our business has grown primarily through referrals from happy couples and we couldn't be more proud of that!

We love every kind of wedding style but our favorite incorporates moody colors, rich fabrics and textures.  Our favorite elements of a wedding have to be flowers and tabletop decor. Both can easily elevate any wedding to the next level and are visually captivating for your guests. For us there is no doubt the best moments of a wedding are the first time the groom sees his bride and the first time the couple sees their vision finally come to life in the reception space. We love the challenge of finding ways to incorporate who you are as a couple into your wedding design helping to avoid a cookie cutter generic wedding. Tiffany and Jarib had their first date scootering around Tampa so this photo was a must have! If you like what we are all about, give us a call and let's get busy planning your dream wedding.

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