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Be My Valentine

This styled shoot at the glamorous The Karol Hotel and featured on Marry Me Tampa Bay is a perfect example of why having a wedding planner is invaluable. My original concept for the design was to use all babies breath in varying shades of pinks and reds for an ombre effect. I contacted a reputable and experienced florist who agreed to participate and provide very specific items including the ceremony arch, an overhead installation for the dining table, and a flower cart with a balloon garland to style as the champagne station. Days before the shoot the florist backed out leaving me scrambling for alternatives. This was a photo shoot but this kind of thing can actually happen with real weddings. Emergencies happen like natural disasters, accidents and unfortunately now after a year of the global pandemic, some businesses aren't able to keep their doors open. Can you imagine the panic and stress you would feel learning just days before your wedding your florist is unable to deliver on their services?

Fortunately, I was able to regroup and come up with an alternative design and reach out to various vendors willing to jump in last minute to help. I replaced the babies breath ceremony arch with a circular balloon arch created by Party Balloons. It actually turned out to be one of my favorites and I love how the balloons add another element to the decor in addition to flowers.

Lemon Drops provided us with the bouquet and boutonniere and I love the touch of black tying in the theme and lending a modern touch.

Since it was impossible to get flowers in just a couple of days in specific colors and create arrangements in time, while not ideal, I went with fake flowers for the tables. After about two hours in Michael's I came up with something I liked. When added to the the beautiful tabletop items provided by A Chair Affair and acrylic hand painted menus from Blush and Bloom Designs, I don't even mind so much that the flowers were fake. In a pinch it worked. The black candles from ADR Decor add the final touch of sparkle.

To replace the flower cart, I used the hotel's gold shelving unit to style the fun bubbly bar. Everyone loved the cotton candy. I mean when is the last time you actually had that? I used a second shelving unit to style Heirloom Jams' adorable strawberry champagne flavored jam favors. There's always a debate about whether to do favors. I say if you don't have the budget to do something really special like these jams, skip it. The gold shelving units also compliment so well the gorgeous lighting fixtures in the ballroom. This is a ballroom that you will not cringe at. It's glamorous and has a neutral color palette. Even the chairs are modern and neutral so no added expense of having to rent them or try to cover up outdated ugly ones.

Fortunately the incredible wedding cake designed by Tampa Bay Cake Company did not have real flowers on it but it did have sugar flowers. The modern and architectural strips of black add the perfect contrast. and are consistent with the theme.

All in all after the crisis with the florals was averted I am happy with how it turned out. We are here to make the process easier and less stressful for you when issues like this come up. We have relationships with numerous vendors we can call on and are experienced in dealing with crisis and back up plans. If you want the peace of mind knowing you have a team working for you to make everything go as smoothly as possible, give us a call and let's start planning your big day.



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