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Romantic Florida Venues for Today’s Modern Romance.

People often inquire about my favorite style of wedding or preferred venues. Personally, I'm drawn to the fusion of European romance and contemporary design. This blend marries the romantic and modern aspects of my personality. I would compare it to my affinity for fashion featuring fur, feathers, or velvet, yet I also appreciate the sophistication of a well-tailored suit. So, how can one incorporate all these elements into their wedding venues and design? Let me share a few favorites that encompass these characteristics.

First, let's focus on venues loaded with romance and journey to the Ringling Museum's Courtyard in Sarasota. It's a treasure trove of statues, architecture, balustrades, history, and gardens—a European oasis right in our own backyard. Here, you and your guests will be transported to another era. Alternatively, the Ca D'Zan terrace offers a breathtaking waterfront view and sunset, but my personal favorite is the gardens.

Next, let's explore the Epping Forest Yacht Club in Jacksonville. It's a grand estate offering a number of options. Here, you can capture the essence of a European garden. Picture garden urns flanking a picturesque ceremony location with the estate as the backdrop. A brick courtyard bordered by manicured hedges and waterfalls overlooking the waterfront is ideal for a sophisticated cocktail hour. Dinner can be hosted indoors or outdoors under the trees and stars.

Lastly, La Casa Toscana in Ft. Myers. If you've ever dreamt of a wedding in the Lake Como region of Italy, this is your destination. Upon arrival, you're immediately transported to the picturesque scenes you've admired on Instagram reels of Italian weddings. Tall Italian Cypress trees, a quaint lake (albeit smaller), trellises adorned with flowy white drapes—perfect for alfresco dining. Don't worry, no passport needed.

Now, how do we infuse a touch of modernity into this romantic setting? Consider incorporating white or black ghost chairs, or opt for metallic gold chairs for a little glamour. Pair them with velvet seat cushions for a luxurious touch. Incorporate a modern font on invitations, place cards, or menus, juxtaposed against antique-inspired charger plates. Embrace modern linen prints alongside centerpieces featuring romantic garden roses and trailing ivy. Add an acrylic drink tag to your vintage glassware. And let's not overlook the option of a dress change—transition from a voluminous Monique Lhuillier ceremony gown to a couture Galia Lahav reception outfit. Bows are currently in vogue—imagine a simple form-fitting dress with a stylish bow adorning the back. The possibilities are endless.

I hope this glimpse into my personal style and design preferences has provided inspiration for your own wedding plans. If you're intrigued by the idea of crafting a modern romantic wedding, I'd love to connect and assist you in bringing your vision to life. Let's collaborate to create your perfect day.

Photo Credit: A2U Studios



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