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Bridal Attendants, A Personal Assistant For Your Wedding Day

I am serious when I use the words luxury and boutique in describing my business and the services provided. On your wedding day, regardless of which level of service you choose, you will have a bridal attendant. Her job is to be your personal assistant for your wedding day and focus exclusively on the you and the groom pre-ceremony. Your bridal attendant will typically arrive about an hour before hair and makeup is complete. At that time she's checking in on their progress to make sure they are running on time in preparation for your photographer, videographer and florist to arrive. And if they are late arriving, she's placing the calls to confirm their ETA.

Day of Coordinator assisting the wedding party
Our Bridal Attendant Sydney, Assisting Bridesmaids

Your bridal attendant will assist your bridesmaids with anything needed like a last minute dress steam, moving purses, bags, comfy shoes, and your 2nd dress to the staging room for the reception. She'll make sure the room gets tidy for your photography team. She's a professional dress holder and fluffer and can hold countless number of purses while photos are being taken. She comes equipped with spritzer fans in case you get hot and tissues for those emotional moments. Get a smudge on your dress? She's got it. Armed with a toolbox of Tide pens and Shout cleaning wipes.

There's a lot of excitement, people and logistics involved in the special moments on your wedding day. Not to worry, your bridal attendant is monitoring your pre-ceremony timeline and keeping things moving so you get down the aisle on time. She will assist and escort parents and grandparents to their photo locations and pin on dad's boutonniere. She'll get dad and the groom staged for their first look on time. Need the hotel to send up some extra ice or a bottle of champagne? She's on it.

Wedding day coordinator assisting bride during wedding photographs with her bouquet and wedding dress
Sydney assisting our bride during photography

When it comes to the groom and groomsmen, she makes sure they are where they need to be and pins on their boutonnieres. She will assit the men with relocating their personal items for the reception and she will get them in the limo on time.

If you are heading off site for your ceremony, your bridal attendant will be with you to assist getting in and out of your transportation, carrying your purse, bouquet, dress etc. She's with you right until the moment you walk down the aisle to give you that final fluff of your dress.

Bridal attendant adjusting wedding dress
Getting You Down The Aisle

Your wedding day should feel like no other day in your life and your bridal attendant will make that happen.



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