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Our Definition of Luxury

At EventFull Weddings, we define ourselves as a luxury boutique wedding planning company. But what does that entail? Contrary to common belief, luxury doesn't always equate to exorbitant prices. While it often comes at a premium, true luxury encompasses much more. Let's delve into that.

First and foremost, we value your time. From the moment you land on our website, we make you feel welcome and provide comprehensive informative content about the services we offer. I want to treat you like I want to be treated when I'm out there shopping.

For us, luxury also means exclusivity. As a boutique company, we limit the number of clients we accept each year. Why? Because I personally oversee the planning process for every couple. I prefer not to constrain the time I spend with my clients and enjoy having planning meetings over lunch, coffee, or drinks whenever possible. Your planning journey should be fun and personal. To make all that happen, there's a limited number of weddings I can accept and still provide exceptional service and one on one atttention.

We are selective about the vendors we work with, choosing only those whose client experience aligns with our high standards. We expect pristine linens, furniture in excellent condition, fresh and beautifully presented catering, and quality florals arranged in unique and trending arrangements. But above all, we prioritize the customer service provided by each vendor.

On your wedding day, our packages include a dedicated bridal attendant focused solely on the bride and groom. Her role is to ensure your comfort and timeliness before the ceremony. She will work closely with your bridal party, beauty and photography teams, and transportation, staying by your side until the doors open, fluffing your dress, and guiding you down the aisle.

These are just a few examples of what luxury means to us at EventFull Weddings. We hope this provides you with a better understanding of what it's like to work with us. Schedule your initial consultation to start your wedding planning journey.



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